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FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture

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Our Award-Winning Software Is Helping Students in the Classroom

The education edition of our award winning software is a great way to enhance classroom education for eighth grade and higher. FACES 4.0 EDU lets students create billions of different human faces with point-and-click selection from a rich database of facial features. With the help of IQB's software, your classroom will come alive.

FACES 4.0 EDU is available in a single teacher's edition, lab packs of 5, and school-wide licenses with unlimited users. Network versions of our software are available as well. Our lab packs and school licenses include a detailed teacher's curriculum with background and classroom exercises appropriate for grades 8-12, which makes creating CSI lesson plans a breeze.

Ongoing Forensic Class

How to Use FACES in the Classroom

Our software is an ideal support for criminology and forensic classes, giving students hands-on experience in how suspect composites — like DNA, fingerprints, and other evidence — are used to solve crimes. Students can use FACES 4.0 EDU to carry out simulated witness interviews, develop facial composites, and even create virtual line-ups.

For younger children, our software can be used to teach observational skills that are critical in increasing personal awareness and safety. FACES may also be used to enhance dram and reading courses by allowing students to develop images of historic or fictional characters.

Finally, images can be exported as JPEGs and used to further build skills in computer graphics programs such as Photoshop. Since our software is available in English, French, and Spanish, it can even provide a unique approach to second language classes by encouraging students to learn vocabulary to describe and identify facial features.

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