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FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture

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The Composite Software Every Agency Needs

Law enforcement agencies the world over agrees that FACES 4.0 is the breakthrough facial composite software that suits their needs. IQB is dedicated to providing the cutting edge technology that is needed to apprehend criminals. Utilized by crime fighting agencies — including the CIA, FBI, and the US Military — our software has been used successfully since 2007 to identify, track, and apprehend criminal suspects. Our latest version includes:

  • An Expanded Database of 4,400 Facial Features
  • New Latin, African American, & Asian Components
  • Ability to Export Images in JPEG Format to Use in Police Bulletins, Advisories, & Websites
  • Three-Tone Hair Features & Hair Flip
  • Facial Markings Such as Piercings, Moles, Scars, & Tattoos

Computer-Generated Faces

No Artistic Skills? No Problem!

Thanks to the new and improved interface of FACES 4.0, it is easier than ever for any police officer to create accurate compositions with a click of a mouse. No forensic artist skills or experience is required. Our software is able to quickly and inexpensively solve crimes when a professional sketch artist isn't available.

Thanks to our expanded database of 4,400 facial features, it is easy to quickly create an accurate composite sketch. Our technology allows for photo-quality depictions of any gender or race. You are even able to add facial features such as scars, and even hats, eyeglasses, and more.

Fully Compatible with Popular Databases

Thanks to the photo-like quality of our composites, they can be integrated with facial recognition technologies. This allows you to compare the composite to mugshots and other photo databases. The ability of the FACES ID code to be transmitted to other agencies means that composite matches can be run against databases in multiple agencies and jurisdictions. You are also able to integrate it with emergency alert systems such as Amber alert notifications.

Police agencies all over the country are successfully integrating FACES 4.0 with video enhancement technologies. These technologies are used to isolate, stabilize, and enhance a suspect's image from video surveillance. FACES then can be used to develop a composite based on the enhanced image and other information, such as witness descriptions. The result is a clean, photo-like image for suspect identification and tracking.

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